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Carpet Guide


Your home is a place of comfort and sanctuary, and one of our favorite pleasures is taking off our shoes after returning from a long day at the office. Truly, there’s nothing like sinking into a warm, enveloping carpet- perhaps that’s why carpeting remains one of the most popular types of flooring being sold today. Carpeting presents limitless possibilities - think thousands of color, texture, and fiber combinations - meaning there’s bound to be a perfect fit (or more likely, many) for your favorite space. The truth is there’s a lot to love about carpeting. Carpets are not only easy to install, they’re also very insulating, are available in many price ranges, and have the ability to completely change the look of your room.


At Boss Carpet One Floor & Home in Freeport and Dixon, IL you’ll find only the finest carpeting available. Our team of experienced flooring experts is eager to help you navigate the process of choosing a carpet to fit your lifestyle and personal style.



What are the Different Types of Carpet?


There are four main carpet pile styles that you can choose from including frieze, loop, cut, and textured.

Frieze carpeting is extra soft, with a casual style that comes from its unruly, longer fibers. Loop carpeting works in casual and formal spaces alike, with a low profile that comes from its shorter, looped-ended fibers. Cut Pile carpeting looks stunning in more formal settings, with its intricate patterns created are via a complex process of hooping and trimming its shorter fibers. Textured carpeting is durable and appropriate for all types of settings, with its rougher, low-woven fibers.


In addition to types of carpet piles, there are also different types of carpet fibers. Carpet fibers come from different materials that can either be natural or synthetic. Our selection includes nylon, triexta, polyester, and wool. Fibers play a role in the overall look, feel, and function of a carpet. If you have children and pets at home, you may want to consider a durable and stain resistant fiber. If you suffer from allergies then you should consider looking at more hypoallergenic fiber options. 


Carpet Installation


Carpet is made for comfort, and functions best in rooms where you relax. Carpet best performs in bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. For active areas in your home like children’s playrooms or finished basements, we suggest checking out the Carpet One exclusive Oath by Resista waterproof carpets. Carpet is the perfect type of flooring on cold mornings when you first wake up, and for after a long day on your feet.  We recommend not installing carpets in area with a lot of moisture such as kitchens or entryways. 


Our Carpet Selection


We’re happy to be members of Carpet One Floor & Home, one of the world’s largest cooperative of independently owned and operated flooring stores. That means we’re the region’s most trusted preferred destination for carpeting and related services. We carry all your favorite carpeting and rug brands in our Freeport and Dixon showrooms, including some exciting Carpet One exclusives that aren’t available at any big box store. 



Carpet IR Tigressa                                      

How to Care for Carpet


Stains got you down? Make sure your carpeting looks its absolute best – and stays that way.




Carpet Types


Are you still scratching your head over all the different carpeting types? Read more here. 




Waterproof Carpet


You read that right! We offer waterproof carpet for your home! Waterproof flooring is great for homeowners who have children or pets and need a floor that can stand up to accidents. 



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