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Best Carpet Cleaning Tips


Carpet is the most popular choice for residential flooring, It is comfortable, warm and inviting. But, just like all floor surfaces, carpet requires maintenance. Keeping up with carpet maintenance is an important practice if you want your floors to last! At Boss Carpet One, we are here to provide you with tips so you have the knowledge to care for your carpet in the best way. While you may need professional cleaning or repair services on occasion, often times the best carpet cleaner is you! Here are some preventative measures you can take that will minimize the chance of damage and also keep your carpet looking fresh.




From Humidity



Carpet is not often found in rooms with a lot of moisture,

and the reason is that humidity can cause carpet to ripple

or buckle. Usually, as the weather dries up, the carpet

will return to its original shape and the ripples will disappear.

However, make sure that your carpet is not buckling due to

improper stretching from your installation. In that case, it is

necessary to have the carpet re-stretched.




From Foot Traffic or Furniture


Although carpet fibers are strong, things like foot traffic and heavy furniture can have a high impact on your floors and can crush the carpet fibers. While every carpet will crush a little bit with use, using furniture gliders or cups under your furniture or occasionally moving the furniture will minimize crushing and relieve those heavy traffic areas.


From Sunlight

Since carpet is dyed, direct sunlight can cause the color to fade. Once the color fades from a carpet, there is no way to revive that color. The best thing is to limit the carpet’s exposure to sunlight by making sure you install window treatments like curtains or blinds in a sunny room and closing them. Doing this will protect your carpet from the ultraviolet light and ensure a fade-free surface.



To learn more about how to clean carpet or other solutions to carpet concerns, call us today! Boss Carpet One is proud to serve customers throughout Sterling, Dixon, Freeport, Rock Falls and the Sauk Valley Area.


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