Laminate Flooring

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Laminate Flooring Boss Carpet OneYou want hardwood floors because they look sophisticated and beautiful. However, as you've researched hardwood, you've discovered two problems. You don't have the budget for actual hardwood, and you don't have the time to maintain it either. You need a more affordable, low-maintenance solution.

With laminate flooring, you'll get the sophisticated look you've always wanted without paying a fortune. The experts at Boss Carpet One Floor and Home have helped homeowners like you find their ideal flooring options for over 30 years. You can trust us to help you find a flooring solution that will make your home more beautiful than ever.

Take Advantage of Laminate's Benefits

Laminate flooring has many advantages that made it an ideal flooring solution:

  • It resists damage from heavy impacts

  • It resists heat and fire

  • It resists wear from foot traffic.

  • It resists staining and moisture.

  • It resists fading.

  • It requires little cleaning—you won't usually have to do more than sweep it off

This low-maintenance flooring option will look beautiful for decades. Simply choose the right style for your home and give us a call.

Browse Laminate Options

Have a look at our wide laminate selection. We proudly offer flooring from brands like Laminate for Life™, which creates products with superior durability. Our options mimic any kind of hard wood, whether you prefer rich, deep tones or aged, neutral options.

Each of our laminate options comes with a warranty. Learn more about which warranty comes with your preferred flooring solution.

Get Your Free Estimate

We list the price per square foot (psf) with each of our flooring products, but if you'd like to see a total estimate for your project, visit ouronline form or if you have any questions about laminate flooring in Dixon or the surrounding areas, don't hesitate to call us.

We're proud to serve customers throughout the Dixon, Freeport, Sterling, Rock Falls and the Sauk Valley area.