Home Design Ideas

Check out our four easy design tips!


Whether you’re starting from scratch, remodeling or just refreshing a room, every project starts with an idea. There are many things to consider, from how you want your room to function to how you want it to look and feel. That’s where your inspiration comes in! For most of us, finding home decor inspiration can be fun yet can also get overwhelming. We at Boss Carpet One in Dixon, IL want to help you focus your ideas with some easy tips! We also have an on staff interior designer you can work with on your next project. Call us to learn more. Boss Carpet One Dixon is proud to serve customers throughout Rock Falls, Sterling, Dixon and the surrounding Sauk Valley areas. If you’re getting designer’s block or aren’t sure where to start, we always say the best is to start simple. We’ve got four easy and on trend tips to help you get started!

Go Exploring

Exotic design motifs are a very popular trend. From beautiful flooring options like bamboo and cork to colorful and interesting patterns, bringing the world into your home is never a bad idea. Bamboo and cork flooring are a great place to start: they are not only exotic in look, they are also two of the most environmentally friendly products available in flooring. Once you’ve chosen the floor, accent with cultural accessories that tie the room together.

Make the Most of your Space

Plastic drawers and bins are a thing of the past. Now organization is much more than storing things in the attic, it’s become part of designing a room! From building in cabinets under your staircase or kitchen island to hanging decorative shelves and mason jars on your walls,organizing your belongings has never been so in stylish.


Lighten Up

Brightness and color can add so much to a room and can really be used for any part like your window treatments to decorative pillows or accent tables. A big way to lighten and brighten a room is with an area rug, and we can custom cut and bind it here at Boss. Our suggestion is to just pick a color scheme and run with it!

Remember it’s yours

Arguably our most important tip, make your room your own! You are designing a place you’ll be looking at every day and night for a long time, so make sure it’s a place you love. Use your favorite things like patterns, flowers, fruits or colors to get inspired. Listen to your inner rustic or regal self and make your space the space of your dreams.